Friday, April 30

Queens day

The 30th of April is a national holiday in the Netherlands. We call it Koninginnedag (Queens day). There are lots of traditions and activities on this day. And the whole of the country is coloured orange, which is our national colour. While we are not doing much to celebrate the queens birthday this year, we do like to eat the traditional orange tom pouce (see above) !

P.S. I just read that Tom Pouce is the French version of the English Fairy Tale character Tom Thumb. Not sure how that relates to this yummy cake though...

Thursday, April 29

More fur stitching

Today I did some more work on my upcoming Sleeping fox pattern. The stitching is easy, the explaining of how to embroider furs 'Follow the White Bunny style' is definitely the hardest part. The way I stitch these furs is very random (but then again it's purposefully random) and I'm probably breaking a couple of embroidery 'rules' too along the way. ;)  Because I'm also working on a couple of other projects, including the very exciting secret project,  it's going to be a little while before the pattern is in the shop. Right now I'm aiming at the last week of May.

Tuesday, April 27


Ruthie of Sew Crafty has made a lovely back stitch video tute using my Owl and Pussycat freebie pattern!

Tip Tuesday - Backstitch! from Sew Crafty on Vimeo.

Thank you Ruthie for sharing!

Sunday, April 25

Sunday stash #28 Cuckoo Clock

I didn't have to think long about which fabric I was going to feature on this weeks Sunday Stash. This piece of awesomeness was send to me by my sweet stitchy friend Georgia. The panel designed by Kristen Doran is called 'Cuckoo Clock' and I absolutely love it!

Friday, April 23

Things in my house....

In the living room: Luna (5) has started an interesting collection...of beer bottle caps. For those of you who might get worried, Luna only drinks juice and millk. :) In the other windowsill there is a 'nice' collection of stones, leafs and shells found in the garden and on the sidewalk.

In my craft room: a book with lots of different fonts. I'm using it for a project I'm working on.  Zoe asked me why I had this book because I already knew the Alphabet. :)

On my balcony: well to be honest I especially hung this unfinished quilt top there to make a picture. I was thinking it would make a pretty good table runner too! I'm also quite surprised that the piecing of this doesn't look too bad either.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, April 19

Not quite there yet...

This afternoon I was sitting in our doorway, watching my oldest daughter teaching my youngest how to rollerskate and doing a bit of stitching too. Progress is slow and I'm in that stage of the project that I'm doubting if it will look the way I had planned,when it's all done. Can you see our front door on the photo above by the way? Well renovating the front door is my husbands project and I'm quite successful in ignoring the terrible state that it's in. :)

I'm also in the beginning stages of an awesome crafty collaboration that I know, if it all works out, will be much appreciated and enjoyed by many of you.

And I'm curious: what project have you just started?

Thursday, April 15

Embroidery Basket.

For my birthday my brother and his wife gave me this rather large rubber basket made of recycled tires. Most people would probably use it to keep wood for the fireplace or to store magazines in, but within a day this became my Embroidery Basket. Despite it's size, it's not big enough to keep all my embroidery stuff in. For now it's just the WIP's and some embroidery books.

You can also spot my new pattern which I started to embroider this morning. It's based on the Fox I embroidered for the embroidery swap I'm in, but it's not exactly the same design. More to be revealed soon! :)

Tuesday, April 13

They sailed away for a year and a day...

I just re-read the Owl & Pussycat rhyme here,  and apparently after their boat trip the Owl and the Pussycat get married by a Turkey with a ring they bought from a Pig. How is that for some nonsensical poetry? Anyway  I just finished embroidering a pillowcase with these two and I thought I'd share some details with you all on stitches and colours. I didn't make any notes so I might not have ALL the details. :)

In the previous post I already mentioned I used DMC 470 for the Pea Green Boat. The Boat was stitched with a back stitch (6 strands). The Boat is decorated with a Whipped running stitch in red (DMC 321 6 strands) and white ( 4 strands of DMC 85200 ) The Lettering is in the same DMC 470 in tiny split stitches (2 strands)

The Pussycat is stitched with a back stitch (Anchor  1096 6 strands) with tiny French Knots for eyes and nose and straight stitches for it's whiskers (all DMC 310 2 strands) And a little white for it's snout (not sure what to call it) (DMC 85200 4 strands)

The Owl is mainly stitched with a Back Stitch . (DMC 801 for the darker shade of brown 6 strands and DMC 480  for the face and wing) The Face is stitched with an outline stitch. The Blue on the Owl is DMC 813 (2 strands for the eyes and I think 4 strands for it's belly) and it's beak is Anchor 1003.

The Waves are also DMC 813 & DMC 85200 (4 strands) in an outline stitch. The stars are DMC 3078. The bag of money is embroidered with a back stitched (4 strands) in DMC 801. The Pink guitar is also embroidered with a back stitch (3 strands) in DMC 603.

Please post your Owls & Pussycats and Pea Green Boats in the Follow the White Bunny Flickr Group or on the Fanpage on Facebook

Monday, April 12

Pea Green Boat

Last week I found a plain white pillowcase in the heaps of (clean!) laundry and I felt it would look much better with an owl and a pussycat in a Pea Green Boat embroidered on it. I got out my new Sulky pen this morning and (because it transfers the image reversed of course) I simply turned around my printed pattern and traced the lines (which could be clearly seen on the back) with the Sulky pen. Ironed it on the pillowcase and I was impressed with the clear result. The lines were quite 'fat' (as you can see in the photos below) so it's maybe not ideal for delicate embroidery patterns but for this pattern it was perfect!

I choose DMC 470 to embroider the Pea Green Boat. In the photo I tried to capture a back stitch and

...a row of back stitches.  Looking very much forward to seeing your Owls & Pussycats!

I'm planning to include more stitching info and photos with my new patterns as well. At the moment I'm quite busy writing a piece about how to stitch Animal Furs which will go with the Sleeping Fox Pattern. After that I'm planning an Alphabet Tree Pattern (boy version) and I'm almost finished drawing a fun summer-y  pattern as well. 

I enjoyed the Owl and Pussycat pattern so much that I'm curious which other Nursery Rhyme Pattern you would like to see from me? (ehm...not sure if that would be a freebie though!)

Thursday, April 8

Bear in Ink

Last week I bought a new sketchbook in a neat Art supply shop in my hometown and I couldn't resist to also buy a pen and some ink. I had not drawn with ink before and I will have to practice more but so far I'm loving it! Often I use 'the usual suspects' like this giant bear from my repertoire to try out new things. You can also spot him in the sidebar with his chatty Squirrel friend. :)

In other news: if you want to learn a bit about basics of transferring embroidery patterns to fabric check out my blog post on the Crafty Bird blog. Lately I have spotted many embroidery related tutorials in Blog land by the way! I'm especially looking forward to the virtual embroidery class hosted  by the very sweet and very talented Amy from Early Bird Special. And it's free too!

Monday, April 5

Free Embroidery Pattern Owl & Pussycat

As promised: a new freebie embroidery pattern for you all! I had these two in my sketchbook for a long time and I thought it was time they got out. You can click here, to download the Owl & Pussycat PDF pattern.Enjoy!

This pattern is for personal use only. It is not allowed to copy, distribute or sell in any form. If you decide to share this on your blog or website please link back to this post not directly to the PDF thank you. :)

Sunday, April 4

Egg-cellent painting

Today Luna and I had a nice time trying our hand at Easter Egg Painting using ordinary water colour paint. Luna claimed the nice small brush and I was left with a rather large paint brush and a tiny egg to paint on. I still managed to paint a bunny though. Luna did an Abstract Egg  and a Flower, Sun and Sky Egg.

Thanks to all who left comments on yesterday's post. I still haven't got round to finishing the freebie pattern but I'll try to do so in the next couple of days!

Saturday, April 3

Hop over...

to the wonderful Soulemama blog today. Because there is a Follow the White Bunny Sponsor giveaway going on right now! There is also a discount of 10% on orders until the 9th of  April (package deals not included) if you enter the code 'mamabunny' in comments to seller.

oh... and here is the Apple Pie my husband made for me this morning for my birthday. I wish I could share it with you all it was absolutely delicious!

Thursday, April 1

Tracing the grain

For my Fish & Bird embroidery I chose my favourite patterned fabric to embroider on: Joel Dewberry's Wood grain. But instead of just using this fabric as background  for my embroidery I'm using the wood grain pattern as a lead to embroider my waves and sky/cloudy bits. I'm using different colours, including a variegated floss, to make the whole image more lively. I'm fill stitching the whole image but I have a hard time envisioning how it will look like when it's all finished. At the moment I'm fill stitching the whale. To not give him a 'furry' look I keep my back stitches small and within one colour range. Hope that will do the trick!