Monday, July 30

Craft-on-the-go: an invitation from the Queen

I started this embroidery while I was away. A perfect on-the-go project as it only requires one colour! I found the Alice in Wonderland pattern of the Queen's fish footman presenting an invitation (well it's not really a pattern it's a drawing) when I spotted Martha's great version of this image in redwork on Flickr. I wanted to do my version in one colour as well and after briefly contemplating using green (green work?) I settled for black. Now I'm halfway I'm not sure whether I like it in black as much as in red. I guess it needs to be finished first to know for sure! Find more of Martha's redwork Alice embroideries and a link to the images here.

P.S. in the background you can see a tiny bit of my scrap vomit quilt top. I finally finished it yesterday after one and a half year! More about that later this week. :)

Sunday, July 22

Orange slugs and lots of reading

A non-crafty post this time! One of the great things about traveling surely is experiencing new things and doing things a little differently than you would do when you stay at home. We just returned from France and near the cottage where we stayed there was a forest with these HUGE orange slugs. It was quite impossible to walk casually through the forest because the path was littered with slugs. We  named this particular path through the forest the 'Snail Trail' although technically these weren't snails of course ;)

Without the distraction of my laptop and the internet I also did a lot more reading than I usually do. I finished reading Lustrum by Robert Harris which was an interesting read about the life and politics of the Roman statesman Cicero seen through the eyes of his slave and secretary Tiro.  Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs was a last minute buy recommended by my friend and I really enjoyed it a lot. It's a magical story about a boy who is trying to find out what happened to his grandfather (who passed away) and he only has some strange old photos of peculiar children as a lead.  Chris Priestley's The Dead of Winter should really be read in snowy and cold conditions not in sunny France. It's a very enjoyable Poe-esque (as in Edgar Allen) ghost story. Long Lankin by Lindsey Barraclough was a real page turner. Two sisters are sent to stay with their aunt in a village were some tragic and mysterious things happened in the past. The story, set in rural England some years after the second World War, is very well written and proper scary! And then I ran out of books...luckily my husband was able to upload another book to my e-reader: London by Edward Rutherfurd (which I'm still reading it's over a 1000 pages) Lives of fictional characters are woven into the eventful history of the city of London. From a Celtic fisherman to (where I am now in the book) nasty medieval merchants.

Next time I promise to share some the crafty things I did in the past few weeks!

Friday, July 13

Hexa go-go

I pre-ordered Hexa go-go pretty soon after I came back from the Fat Quarterly retreat in London last month. I knew it was a book I would enjoy not just because of the subject but also because it is written by Tacha who tried to teach me English Paper Piecing at the Retreat.

Detail of the Cat tails Quilt
The first part of the book covers the basics of English Paper Piecing, what materials to use, how to baste, sewing techniques etc. You can use various shapes with EPP but, as the title already suggests, it's all about hexies in this book. I happen to love hexies so I'm not complaining. Photos like the one above make my heart sing. :)

There are 16 quilted projects in the book, 9 of them larger sized quilts. This (huge!) Union Jack Quilt is one of my favourite projects from the book.

And this is what pieced together in the past few weeks. Still not sure what I will do with these but I'm sure to find some inspiration in Tacha's book. :)

Friday, July 6


School's out for summer so the Bunny Household is shifting to a lower gear again and taking it easy for a while. Just like Tijger does....all of the time! ;)  There will be a little less frequent blogging and the Etsy shop will be closed for a wee bit as well. You can still get your patterns here though where you can download my patterns yourself (easier for you) so I don't have to send them to you (easier for me)!

Monday, July 2

Get some Oriental Inspiration!

Just a quick post to let you all know that the new issue of &Stitches is available now. The theme of this issue is 'Oriental Inspirations' and it was such a fun theme to explore!

Maneki Neko is my pattern contribution to this issue (remember the sneak peek I showed you last week?) and I think it turned out rather cute! And how about that oh so appropriate Cherry Blossom background? It's actually the new wallpaper I have in my craft room. :)

Check out all the details about the zine in the post I wrote on the &Stitches blog and don't forget to use the discount code at the end of that post if you are going to purchase your copy!