Wednesday, January 30

Woodlands &Stitches is out now!

The new &Stitches zine is out today and it's all about woodland flora and fauna this time! We have woodland animal inspired patterns (including my Barry the -Tiny- Badger pattern, a Folksy Fox, an Owl Girl and Animal Tracks) and neat ideas for stitching woodland scenery.

We talk to Trish Burr, author of several fabulous needle painting books and Abby Glassenberg: soft toy pattern maker, craft book author and all round inspiring crafty person. Katie of Mother Eagle makes beautiful miniature hand embroidered jewelry and we interviewed her as well. Our featured designer this time is Laura Howard of Bugs and Fishes and she contributed an adorable design to this issue:

There's lots more to read and make in our new issue (over 70 pages!) and we even have included coupons for discounts in my own Follow the White Bunny Shop and Carina's Polka & Bloom shop, so don't miss out!

As reader of this blog you can get Woodlands &Stitches with a 10% discount (we offer the same discount on the &Stitches blog except my code is valid a bit longer) if you enter the code OWLTAKETHATDISCOUNT on checkout.  This offer ends Monday the 4th of February.  

Monday, January 28

Say hello to...

... a new furry friend called Barry! I made this pattern (and 'how to') for the new Issue of &Stitches (out very, very soon!)...

Monday, January 21

Basket Weave Stitch ideas

It was a bit quiet this week on my blog due to a combination of being busy with projects like the 5th issue of &Stitches (it will be out soon and it's really fab!) and a bit of the January bleeurgh... but I'm still here! Today I have a couple of Basket Weave Stitch ideas for you. Don't confuse it with the Basket Stitch (which is a fun stitch too, maybe I should discuss that as well soon...) these are just some ideas for stitching to make a Basket Weave effect. I used the first one (top left) in my Abel (see below) and Apple Tree patterns for example.

The one below that (bottom left) is essentially the same stitch but worked diagonally with two stitches instead of three. The stitch on the top right I call a Wonky Hashtag. Simply stitch these quite randomly and add a '+' stitch here and there and you have a basket weave effect. The last one looks actually the least like a basket weave but it's such a fun stitch to do! Maybe if you want to do a real posh basket? It's the Jacobean Couching Stitch. You can find an excellent tutorial for it here.

Hope you enjoyed my little tour of Basket Weave stitches!

Saturday, January 12

New pattern: My favourite blanket !

I have a new pattern and I'm thrilled to share it with you all! It's called 'My favourite blanket' and features a small fox all snuggly under his favourite blanket. Actually he has three favourite blankets as the pattern comes with three different versions of the blanket for you to stitch: the Union Jack you see in the photo, a Stars and Stripes (American flag) version and a Folksy pattern. Three patterns in one for only $4.50! * In this 6 page pattern details about stitches and colours are included for de UJ version as well as stitch ideas and suggestions for the US and Folksy patterns.

You can purchase the pattern in the Follow the White Bunny shop where you can download it immediately after purchase (yay!) or alternatively in my Etsy shop.

* 21% VAT applicable for EU residents

Friday, January 11

A Better Match

Timber & Leaf is the name of this adorable line of fabric, designed by Sarah Watts. Sarah Watts is an illustrator originally and you really must check out her other fabulous work here. The delicate designs, which show her talent as artist, and subtle use of colour are quite different from any other line of fabric I know.

I stumbled upon these fabrics because Luna wasn't crazy about this scrappy quilt I was making for her bed (see photo above). To be fair, Timber & Leaf is a much better match with Luna's introvert character than the scrappy quilt is.

Luna had requested a 'Plus' quilt for her bed but I managed to convince her that a Chevron pattern would be pretty neat too. I'm still in the process of making Half Square Triangles (this tutorial on P.S. I Quilt describes how I make mine) and even though I mix in suitable fabrics from my stash a little more Timber & Leaf would be nice to complete the quilt. Good thing I didn't make any New Year's resolutions about buying fabric. ;)

p.s. I bought my FQ bundle of Timber & Leaf here.

Saturday, January 5

Foxglove in stitches and an embroidery workshop

I managed to get a little bit of stitching done on my big Bear and Fish project around Christmas time. Deciding on what the best way was to embroider the Foxglove was hard. I tried different things, un-picked a lot of stitching but now I'm quite happy with how the Foxglove turned out.

While the stitching might look a bit frumpy and not-so-subtle up close, the over all photo gives a better idea how it looks in relation to the whole image.

Photo and Embroidery by Georgia Mc Donald
In other news: Claire over at Patch Fabric and Haberdashery in Lowestoft, Suffolk (UK) has an Embroidery Sampler workshop planned on February 23rd using my Princess and Abel patterns. Go check the details here. Unfortunately I can't be there myself but I have met Claire at the Fat Quarterly Retreat in London last year, she is a lovely person and I just know the workshop is going to be wonderful!

Within the next week or two I'm hoping to release a new pattern, I'm not going to reveal exactly what it is except that it is not too large and comes in three different varieties (all included in the one pattern). :)