About me

Hello!  Thanks for visiting my blog. My name is Nicole and I love to draw, read, embroider and create. I also buy way too much fabric for the amount of sewing I do.;)  I make hand embroidery patterns (and sometimes craft patterns too) which you can view and buy in my shop. On this blog I'm sharing my creative journey with you all on all things crafty but especially embroidery, sewing and quilting. You will also find me regularly on the &Stitches blog! You can e-mail me at nicole@followthewhitebunny.com

Here's a little story about me, based on questions from some of my blog readers.

I live in Rotterdam, the Netherlands with my husband Erik (we went to -high-school together but only properly 'met' a couple of years after we had left school) and our daughters Zoe and Luna.

I don't think there is anything I haven't done yet because I'm afraid to. It's more that I haven't got around to try certain things yet and possibly never will, like getting a tattoo or writing a book. Another thing I haven't got around to is Time Travel, it would be my Super Power of choice! I'm trained as an historian (medieval history) and it would be awesome if I could have peek into the lives of the people I wrote about when I was in Uni. :) More likely places I'd love to travel to (and hopefully will) are the US, Cuba and Australia. We lived in Norway for a couple of years and I actually wouldn't mind to move abroad again!

I'm not sure I have only one favourite movie. I love most of the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp movies. I also love clever slightly romantic movies like Amelie or (500)days of Summer (great music!). It has been ages since I ate a Violet Crumble (so wrong but so good) and it's a good thing they aren't available over here.

If I had an option to be immortal I would have to say 'no' I'm afraid! Because eventually I would be all alone, without my loved ones! I would like to have a long healthy life though! To end on a light note: this makes me think of an hilarious sketch by Eddie Izzard called 'Cake or Death' http://youtu.be/BNjcuZ-LiSY


Currently I don't have a firm favourite when it comes to stitches. It used to be the French Knot (I still love the French Knot) but it really depends on the piece I'm working on (I always have several pieces on the go at the same time) I really enjoy stitching when I don't need to follow a pattern exactly, like stitching furs on animals. I do that intuitively. I'm not very good at following patterns. :) From all the things I've made I think the furry embroideries are my favourites like for example the Forty Winks Fox, The Doubtful Guest embroideries and more recently my Tiny Animal portraits like this one of Bird the Squirrel:

I don't snack while I'm stitching (afraid that it will leave stains on my work) and depending on the time of day I drink either coffee or tea or white wine with my embroidery. I am not capable of watching movies while I embroidery but I do like to listen to my favourite music (Foo Fighters, Morrissey and Tom Waits mostly)