Wednesday, June 3

Favourite cup

One of the good things of moving house is going through all your stuff and having a good clear out of all the unloved stuff. I even bought a book about decluttering, but I didn't finish it. The pressure of an upcoming move was enough to throw a lot of stuff out. One thing I did learn from the book is to get rid of stuff you don't enjoy having in your house. So I got rid of a bunch of old cups and mugs. Amongst them one from a company I used to work for and that sure didn't bring back any happy memories for me. I was very happy to see it go.

These two cups in the picture however (well one is a mug actually) do make me happy. The one on the left is an Iitalla cup designed by Klaus Haapaniemi. I've also got some dinnerware with the same pattern in different colours. And I just spotted a new line by him, gorgeous! The Paddington cup is less glamourous I suppose but it is my favourite cup to drink coffee from for the last 15 years or so!


  1. I love both of those cups!! I bet that dinnerware is stunning when it's all set out.

    I'm doing a huge decluttering myself (not for a move, but rather because we've taken out some storage space inside the house) and it feels WONDERFUL to be getting rid of the volumes of stuff I've already gotten rid of so far.

  2. Always decluttering. We live in such a small house, that if something comes in, something goes out.

  3. love the paddington bear cup. i was sad that last time i visited my folks they chucked my strawberry shortcake mug that i had since i was a wee little kid :(

  4. Throwing away a Strawberry Shortcake mug should be considered a crime! ;)


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