Thursday, June 4

Happy and sad

Yay! The Bunny Stitch A long has officially started. My patterns are always produced in a flurry of energy and somehow I felt I needed to finish this one today. So I did! All the sweet comments and people signing up cheered me up. I needed that because I was saying goodbye to a good friend today who is moving to the other end of the world. More than a few tears were shed. Thanks to all you sweet embroiderers who want to Stitch A long with me!
p.s. by clicking on the pattern you can enlarge it and print it.


  1. i've got it started! i was able to start this sweet pattern last night on a grocery bag.
    i'm sorry you'll be missing a friend, moves are hard, but i'm glad you had some cheering up

  2. thank you for your kind comment Jenessa! I'm so looking forward to see your embroidery, post a pic of your work in progress in the flickr group if you can. =)

  3. sorry you will be missing a friend, it is hard when friends move so far away :( i hope that y'all will stay in touch and get to visit or go on vacation together sometime in the near future.

    I've printed out the pattern, but am still deciding what I want to stitch it on, I'm leaning toward tea towel, but what to see if I can think of anything more creative to stitch it on...... I need to finish my sewing machine cozy first and then stitching up your pattern will be a sweet reward!

  4. I'm sorry about your friend. On the upside, maybe you'll have a good excuse to visit that part of the world?

    I jsut love this pattern! I saw it on CraftGossip and had to come check it out. I'll be linking to it in my next Embroidery Roundup if you don't mind. I love animal friend patterns!

  5. Rachel, you more than welcome to post about the Stitch Along!
    My friend is going to Kuala Lumpur and I never even been outside Europe! :0

  6. Also followed the linky from Craft Gossip. Your embroidery is adorable! Hope to catch up and do some hand work soon.

    Thank goodness for the internet! you and your friend can keep in touch so fast!!!!!!!!

  7. Thanks Becky, I just checked your blog and I also have a free hand embroidery baby pattern available which might be useful ;)


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