Tuesday, June 30

No! Squirrels and Hedgehogs are the new owls!

Not Narwhals are the new owls, but squirrels and hedgehogs are! Barncat posted her lovely version of the Bunny Stitch Along and her daughter saw an embroidered owl rather than a hedge and squirrel. It really does look like an owl from a distance. I would love to say that finally someone saw the hidden picture in this pattern but I'm afraid the Owl was created completely unintentional!
Thanks all you Stitch Alongers for posting your work so far! Somehow I feel this pattern leaves not as much room for variation as I would have liked. Is it the fall colours or what?


  1. I had originally planned to stitch it all in pastels on white, but I just don't have a pastel type of house, and no little ones to stitch for right now (I think it would make an excellent little pillow done that way).

  2. I think it actually does lend room for plenty of variation!! The critters don't have to be usual critter colors, and the nature decorations hanging above them could be changed to flowers and spring-green leaves. Or, like barncart, mentioned, it could be done in pastels on a light color. Or in all whites/creams on a deeper color. Or redwork/blackwork/bluework. Yes, I think the possibilities are definitely endless =).

  3. my (eventual!!!) plan is to stitch your designs in pastels, and I think this one would look gorgeous with a pink squirrel and baby blue hedgie. I just have to get a ridiculously too big for my brain cross stitch out of the way before I'm allowed to start any new stitchery stuff.

    I can totally see the owl too!!!!!

  4. as others have mentioned, there are plenty of color variations if you don't stick to traditional colors for the scene.

    I'm still figuring out what I want to stitch it on..... and I'm toying with the idea of doing the entire thing in different shades of brown or greens, not sure.....


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