Monday, June 15

Moving stuff

I'm going to miss this view I think! Only a little over a week to go before the movers take over the house... That means my Etsy shop will close for a bit too so if you still need/want/crave something from it, hurry! I'm still in doubt if I will re-open shortly after the move or re-open later with a re-vamped shop with new stock.

In the photo you see our neighbours' house, they live 'downhill' and on their chimney is a stone (or should I say rock?). And on the stone is a bird. The bird is real by the way. I had never seen people put stones on their chimney before I came to Norway and I thought it was some kind of old Norse folkloric thing to do that. Apparently it's just to keep a little chimney-lid-kind-of-thing in place, but it does look nice with a bird on during sunset!


  1. Very pretty view, hope you'll show us your new one too :)

  2. Very pretty =).

    Ditto what barncat said!!

    Will you still be living in Norway? (apologies if you've mentioned this and I missed it)

  3. No, I'm moving back 'home' to the Netherlands!

  4. A lovely photo. :-)

    I hope all the moving goes smoothly for you!

  5. Oh, how nice to be moving "home" :). Wishing you a painfree move!!


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