Friday, June 19

Sublime pillowcase

Luna is showing the pillowcase I'm working on. Or was working on until I ran out of pink floss (DMC 963 for those of you who really want to know) So I decided to make the 20 minute drive to the craftstore to buy the missing colour. Usually I buy all my floss online because of the extremely high prices here and today it was even worse. Please take a guess (in us dollars) what I paid (because ofcourse I bought it, I had already made the trip!) for one skein of regular DMC mouline floss....

I've also been working on some new embroidery patterns. Hope you will all like it. So far I've been sketching a lot of Storks, Trees and Unicorns.

p.s. what do you call a really expensive item in English? In Dutch we say something is 'peperduur' (which means as expensive as pepper) which stems from centuries ago when pepper was very expensive.


  1. Your pillowcase looks good - there is nothing like a white background.
    Too bad that you had to go get more floss, and the fact that it was expensive didn't make it better ;0)

    In Danish we say that something is "pebret" too. What it's called in English i don't recall - maybe it will pop up in my mind later on. I ought to known after living in London when I was younger!

    It sounds great that you are making new patterns - such fine animals you have chosen...

  2. I hate to guess how much floss cost when you mention a dollar amount. Here it is less than 40 cents depending on where you get it. Makes me wish I could have "teleported" some floss to you. :-D

    Here we say that something "cost an arm and a leg."

  3. Mmm I like the idea of teleporting floss! Ulla, I wonder what a skein in Denmark costs?

  4. Looking good, I'm really curious how much you had to pay, you said guess in US dollars (plural), eek!

  5. Here I pay $1.60 per skein, more for the variegated ones. I think the metallic ones were about $3 each.
    Wow - if they were less than 40c each I think I would own every colour there was! (in my dreams anyway... ;-) )

  6. I love your designs embroidered on pillow cases. They look so cute. In Spanish when something is expensive we say that it cost an "eye from the face," that's pretty expensive, huh?

  7. Paloma I wish it were my designs! But this one is from Sublime Stitching. And it didn't even cost me 'an eye from the face'!

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  9. Charming pillowcase! A shorter way in English to describe the concept of "peperduur" is "very pricey". Hopefully the floss will be a better price for you in Holland (Had to edit this for the Dutch spelling!)


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