Friday, July 24

Trying new stuff....

I'm thinking about expanding my 'business' and adding postcards and small prints to my shop. I'm using a few familiar images to try some things out. A Hedgie in a cup under a blood red sky doesn't quite cut it in my opinion...The Animal Alphabet is far from finished so that's a bit of a problem. Would people want to buy an 'ABN' (Anteater, Blackbird, Narwhal) postcard set instead of the more traditional 'ABC'? Probably not! ;)

If there any readers out there with a background in graphic design/art academy who would like to give me feedback or advice on the stuff I make contact me at!


  1. Well I'm not a graphic designer, only a lover of beautiful art and prints.

    What you have made with the hedgehog in the cup, is SO fantastic. I think that the red makes it even more wonderful and special. The movement in the sea and the waves makes it all come together. And the fact that you kind of framed it all with a thin line, gives it elegance and creates a space.

    I would definitely buy a postcard like that...I even think it would be great for an embroidery as well.

  2. Thank you Ulla, that is so sweet of you and very encouraging for me too!

  3. great idea! I would love to go shopping for postcards! I rather like the blood red sky as well as Ulla....

  4. Ditto what the other commenters have said. When I go look thru the prints on my wist, a great many of them have red -- it just pops like no other color can. And, yes, I do think some people *would* choose an alphabet postcard set (or set of prints) featuring untraditional critters!!

    Stay true to yourself and your creativity -- don't feel like you need to change your art to fit inside the established box :).

    Will you post here when you have new additions to your shop, especially if you add prints? We are making over several rooms in our house and I've been buying prints online here and there when I can, preferably from small businesses.

    I do hope that you get back to your animal alphabet one day!!

  5. I agree with the others and stay true to yourself and your creativity and vision. The hedige print certainly is very dramatic with the color red rather than blue.

    I adore the bear and squirrel having tea print you sent to me with my fabric goodies. You are very talented and I'm sure if you start listing postcards and prints they will find their forever homes ;)

  6. I can look at this in the flesh tomorrow. Yippee and Patrick is a graphic designer. See you soon.

  7. Eeck! A real graphic designer I'm getting shy already! :O

  8. I would love an alphabet with the unusual animals P for platypus ?? would be great to embroider....


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