Monday, September 28

Kind of scary

The state of my Embroidery box is kind of scary at the moment: it's a full of works in various stages of progress, finished embroideries, patterns, needles and floss lots of floss. Floss that needs to be put on bobbins, extra skeins of my favourite colours, an Ebay bargain bag full of Perle cotton (I read that you could use it for hand quilting so I bought it just in case I feel the urge to start hand quilting...), little plastic bags with assorted colours I'm using for all of those WIP's... I hope your embroidery work and supplies are beter organised! Do tell me how you keep your floss, patterns and finished embroideries. Or send me a picture!

P.s. don't forget to take a look at the blog of the Hand Embroidery Network. I love their Stitch A Day posts!


  1. mine's much the same as yours. I'm not so ashamed now ;)

  2. Thanks for mentioning the Hand Embroidery Network, which I had not known about. Now I have joined, and look forward to keeping in touch with it!


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