Saturday, September 5

Messy work space

So, here it is. My messy workspace. I love having my own place in the house to keep my stuff in and just leave it untidy like that until I have time to return to whatever I was doing. I was just working on the Blackbirds tail feathers when the doorbell rang yesterday. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it later today. After I've done grocery shopping, a ton of washing and ironing and lots of other Saturday 'musts'.
Have you all noticed that I changed the name of this Blog? I've also changed my Flickr name. I feel a bit sad about leaving Polka Dot Bunny behind (guilty even), but I noticed that all the different names I was using was confusing for a lot of people so I chose to go with Follow the White Bunny.


  1. your new banner is lovely! even as an adult i get excited when the mailman comes by ;) so i really like that your bunny is carrying an evelope, makes me want to know what is inside!

    and i think it's good that you are "branding" yourself and being consistent with your online name

  2. Thank you! I sent a bunny with an envelope your way last week so I hope he will arrive soon! :)


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