Wednesday, September 30

What I've been up to this week....

1. Sorting my embroidery floss and stuff (top left)
2. Trying a new embroidery pattern (top right)
3. Let the computer do the colouring for me/thinking about a new freebie/again thinking about selling prints and cards (bottom left)
4.Sewing two stacks of coins and cutting another two stacks (bottom right)
oh and made a Alphabet Tree Boy embroidery pattern on request! (not pictured)
Hope you are having a creative week too!


  1. You've been very busy! I've not done much at all. In between sick girls and dust storms I've managed to do a little bit of a sewing (quilt) for my new niece, and that's about it. Seeing your embroidery there makes me want to get my needle out tonight though - love it!

  2. oh no I hope the girls are feeling better now! I have trouble embroidering at night (because of the light) and usually during the day I don't do much embroidery so this is taking a bit longer than I planned...(that and the fill stitches of course...)

  3. Your hands never stand still, do they? You are such a creative woman...and I really enjoy that. :))

  4. Oh Nicole, everything looks great! I can tell you right now that what you're doing with your new pattern looks SO much more amazing than what I was planning. It's going to be beautiful, just like all your other embroideries. :)

  5. Thank you for the kind comments!
    Ulla somehow my hands are not so busy when it comes to doing household chores, my hands rather do crafty things I guess! :)
    Amy, it's going to be quite colourful, I just used my hand dyed fairyland floss for the girls scarf. And now I think Hedgie needs a rainbow scarf too!


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