Tuesday, October 13

Pillow talk

I just received Jenny Hart's new book Embroidered Effects in the mail and this (see photo) could very well be the first project I will be making from this book! In our house pillowcases rarely match the duvet covers. I'm not sure how it happens but pillowcases often seem to get temporarily lost in the huge amounts of laundry I have to do every week. But since I started stitching pillowcases this is no longer a problem and I now have a choice of three extra pillowcases (see them here, here and here)!

I have only flicked through Embroidered Effects but it looks like a 'must have' for beginners (I wish I had it when I started out) and fans of Sublime Stitching. There is lots of info about tools and fabrics, stitches, extra effects (sequins for example). Many fun projects and even quite a few transfers are added. Some of the patterns have been released earlier in the Sublime Stitching Craft Pad by the way, most patterns are new to me.

After all this Sublime Stitching talk  I'd like to add that some of my own designs would be wonderful on pillow cases too, like the hibernating bear and hedgehog!


  1. The Princess & the Pea design of yours would be perfect for a pillowcase too, or maybe a throw pillow for a bed :).

    As I typed that, I solved one of my Christmas-gift dilemmas! I want to stitch that very design for my mom but I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it on artist's canvas or framed . . . but I'm going to stitch it as a throw pillow (that way, if she crashes out with makeup on, no worries about an embroidered pillowcase getting gnarly!).

    Thanks for putting up a post that gave me just the right inspiration :).

  2. Glad I could inspire you to make that decision! Looking forward to the result :)


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