Sunday, November 15

Big Bird

No Sunday Stash to share with you all today but I did encounter this huge raven while I was visiting some museums in my hometown of Rotterdam which I thought would be fun to show. This afternoon my friend Caroline and I first visited the so called Sonneveld house. A (now museum) house built in the early thirties of the 20th century which was very much ahead of it's time. After that we paid the Kunsthal a visit but it was a bit busy (especially at the Edward Hopper exhibition) so we quickly headed for coffee and cake in the museum restaurant. :) An afternoon well spend!

Last week wasn't a very productive week. I finished a try-out embroidery of Jack and the Beanstalk which wasn't good enough (in my opinion) to actual make it into a 'in the shop pattern'. On the other hand I made lots of new sketches for other patterns of which I will show you some more later this week. The embroidery swap from the last post was canceled but it now looks like it's going to make a new start with slightly different rules.

Lastly I would like some ideas for a new freebie pattern I'm planning to do. Just let me know in the comments if you have an (original!) idea.


  1. I seem to often think of birds in embroidery. What about a bird, or mum and baby bird, in a winter setting? To a simple outline style, one could, at will, add various texturing interesting stitches! (or not, at will.)

  2. I don't know if this is very original, but I was thinking about a cute snowman. But if it were white you would have to embroider it on some colored fabric...

  3. I love your animals - the bear and squirrel really "talk" to me - maybe they could be celebrating Christmas together?

  4. Thanks for your input all! I've also had a few (quite different!) suggestions over at the follow the white bunny flickr group
    Enough material to make a dozen patterns!


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