Sunday, November 22

Sunday Stash #23 Double Dutch

So here it is, my tiny collection of Dutch themed fabrics! I would like to have some more but I'm usually a bit disappointed with the quality of the fabrics I find here on the local market.

I made some progress on the Chinese Bird and Cherry Blossom and added some lettering. Once the pattern is released it will not have 'Luna' printed on it of course but it's just to show how you could use it. I'm thinking of making a little bag with it (and use some of the fabric you see in the picture) to hold Luna's pj's. On Needle'nThread you will find some excellent posts on embroidering text and lettering. I've drawn mine freehand with my water soluble pen from an example I found on the internet.

Do check back later this week for my giveaway! Still waiting for some goodies I've ordered to arrive. Sometimes it takes so long for stuff to arrive by post that I wonder whether it has to come from Middle Earth carried by hobbits or something. Maybe they can bring along the freebie pattern I promised too. We'll see....
Hope you all have a great week!


  1. Lovely fabrics !
    I wonder what are you planning to make with them ;-).

    The stitchery pattern is looking good !
    Mary @ Needle n Thread is so kind... always enriching us with her needlework tutorials !!!

  2. I love those dutch fabrics - very pretty. The bird and blossom is coming along nicely, too!

  3. Thanks ladies :) I have actually got no plans for these fabrics yet!

  4. I'm still waiting on something I ordered to go into your swap parcel, so perhaps it is coming from middle earth too. :-/

  5. I'm sure it's hard to find those specialty fabrics. My local shops don't carry a lot of fun prints either so I've been ordering online which can be quite addictive!! Love the embroidery-you always have such cute patterns!!

  6. That's turning out lovely. The colors you chose are great!

    I like the cow on the fabric. It's so cute.


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