Saturday, January 9

Fabric to look forward to this spring....

How about this pretty coral fabric? Cloud9Fabrics  is releasing their second collection  this spring. It's called 'Beyond the Sea' and like their previous gorgeous collection 'My Happy Garden' all fabrics are made with organic cotton. I'm currently using some of the 'My Happy Garden' fabrics in the quilt I was writing about last week and they are amazingly soft, with pretty subtle colours,  and stunning (simple) designs. Oh and perfect to work with too. Yes, I'm a big fan of Cloud9Fabrics. Check out the rest of the 'Beyond the Sea' collection here. I'm surely getting some of those fabric later this year!

Also organic and due to be released this spring is the 'Circa 50' collection by Monaluna for Birchfabrics. A set of fun retro designs with vibrant colours.


'Castle Peeps' is a fantastic line of fabrics designed by Lizzy House for Andover Fabrics and released this April. It is available in Gallant Green, Royal Blue, and Cardinal Red and perfect for kids' quilts! A free quilt pattern is already available here.

So are you looking forward to a particular line of fabric this year? Let me know!


  1. I hadn't seen the Castle Peeps one before - what fun!
    I am coveting some lines already out. On my *must buy* list I have Dolce (first on the list - I love it!), Nicey Jane, Little Folks, and Hope Vally (which I have only just started to like as I've seen more photos of things made from it).

  2. Valley with an *e*. That's my dresdful typing again...

  3. Oh no! Look how I typed 'dreadful'! I give up...

  4. Wow, Castle Peeps is sooo cute!! It reminds me of Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood :)

  5. Georgia, I couldn't resist Hope Valley and Nicey Jane either so I ordered a bit of both today :)
    I'm so glad that there are such cool kids fabrics designs like Castle Peeps! Some of that in red/orange colour way would be perfect for my daughter. :)

  6. The Castle Peeps reminds me of Sleeping Beauty!! My daughter when little called it Sleeping Judy!

  7. @ Miss Paula 'Sleeping Judy' that's so sweet!

  8. castle Peeps is lovely with the nice detailed designs on the cloth...the fabric can be truly used well to make a nice snugly blanket/


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