Saturday, January 2

Hello again!

Just a quick post to say hello to you all after my blog mini-break  Looking very much forward to a new year of blogging & crafting. :)  I've been thinking about my crafty resolutions (which I threatened to blog about a couple of weeks ago) but I have a hard time to decide on what these resolutions should be. I can think of many goals that I would like to achieve (Learn to crochet, Use lots of fabric stash then buy more fabric) but I'm not sure they are all very sensible...

I have hardly touched my camera for the last week or something (except to photograph a new design which I'll probably share later this week) but I think blog posts need pictures so you have to make do with one of the photos I took of the first embroidery I finished in 2010! I used the freebie pattern 'Pjotr in Paris' which I sent to newsletter subscribers last fall. It's the first embroidery of 7 I think for the "Hoop up, stitch and send"-swap over at Flickr. Anyway this inspired me to start on a new 'Pjotr' pattern but that will take a while to finish I think.

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