Monday, January 18

Wombats and Windmills

On February 1st, Georgia and I will be starting a joined blog called 'Wombats and Windmills'. I think a lot of you may already know Georgia from her wonderful embroideries and equally impressive quilts and pincushions. About two years ago Georgia and I 'met' on Flickr and since then we have discovered we have a lot in common. We have never actually met each other in person because Georgia lives in Australia and I live in the Netherlands. On opposite sides of the world,  always in opposite times of the day in opposite seasons.

With this and this photoblog in mind, Georgia came up with the idea to do something similar. Mainly for ourselves to find out how different or similar our lives really are. So....we will (try to) post one photo each, three times a week according to a certain theme. This could be something ordinary (what's for breakfast), a favourite colour or a craft we're working on. Maybe you would like to take a peek every now and then to see what we are up to or just to say hi! You can find us here.


  1. That sounds like a great idea! I will look forward to see what you two amazing embroidering women will show us all. :))

  2. Sounds like such a fun thing to do with a (online) friend, I'll be sure to check it out. You're both in very different parts of the world from me, I'll be comparing I'm sure!


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