Sunday, February 28

Alpine Adventures

Last week we spent some lovely (mostly sunny!) days in the Bavarian Alps (in Southern Germany). I had to give up my attempt at learning to ski on the first day though. Not only because I have a problem with my right knee (which hopefully be resolved soon, possibly through surgery) but also because I got ehm... a little scared. Luckily the girls didn't share my fears and they learned to ski pretty quickly.

In the picture a bottle of Apfelschorle, a fizzy apple juice kind of drink we enjoyed there. Along with many bratwursts and sauerkraut. :)

Will be back with a crafty post later this week!


  1. Don't worry about being scared- in Australia I am still in beginner mode on what is known as "Friday Flat"!

  2. 'Friday Flat' sounds steep enough to me! I'll try to learn again once my knee is fixed...I think.

  3. Nothing to be embarrassed about. On my first downhill run I dropped my mitten off the ski-lift and had to wait while my hubby ski'd (sp?) down to get it. Then I fell on every single turn! One run was more than enough - LOL.
    Your work is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing.

  4. I've only been skiing once...and ended up with my arm in plaster. I should tell people I was on some deadly slope, but I was actually attempting to stand still at the time. :-/ Don't think I'll try it again...


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