Friday, February 12

New favourite stitches

Here are two of my latest favourite stitches. On the left a  (slightly wonky, it was my first) Blanket Stitch Pinwheel. I couldn't find an online 'how to' but this video tutorial for a Buttonhole Stitch Wheel  shows pretty much how it's done. And on the right on the basket a Basket Weave Stitch. A lovely fill stitch for filling ehm...baskets for example! I don't think you will need a video tutorial for that! ;) So have you learned any new stitches lately? Let me know!

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Update: Sarah of the Handembroidery Network pointed out her tutorial of the Buttonhole Wheel. Go check it out! Thanks Sarah. :)
2nd Update: O.k. folks sorry for my ignorance but today I learned that the Buttonhole Stitch and the Blanket Stitch are actually one and the same. Sorry for the confusion. Or maybe I was the only one that was confused here. ;)


  1. You should take a look at Sharon B's Inaminuteago. She's got a great stitch dictionary. I've learned a lot from her site!

  2. Hi Melissa, I've actually got her dictionary somewhere in my sidebar! I've checked but the stitches I showed here weren't there. :) They are in two wonderful Embroidery Stitch books I have though: The Stitches of Creative Embroidery and the A-Z of Embroidery.

  3. Brenda Ryan on my sidebar has a tutorial for the blanket stitch in a circle!!!

  4. @missPaula couldn't find that particular link on your site so if you have a link please let us know!

  5. Hi, Nicole! Thanks for the link to my video tutorial! The blanket stitch pinwheel and buttonhole stitch wheel are exactly the same stitch, actually, just different names.

    I love that little basket - it's absolutely perfect! Adorable!

    I bought a couple of your etsy patterns a while back for my niece to stitch. She loves them. I think she's working on the Princess and the Pea right now!

    Best regards,
    Mary Corbet

  6. Thank you Mary, I found out this morning that the button hole stitch and blanket stitch are one and the same! Your video tutorials are great by the way and I often recommend them to my customers. :) Good to hear your niece enjoys my patterns!


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