Thursday, March 18

Trying new stitches (and failing hopelessly on some)...

This week I intended to work on (and finish) the 'My bed is a boat' pattern but I did not. (The pattern will be there soon I promise, just not this week!) Instead I did quite a bit of drawing, inspired by a sad but romantic song. I will show you more of what I have been drawing somewhere in the near future. Be sure to have a hankie near though! ;)

I also have been trying out new stitches. With my A-Z of Embroidery Stitches in my lap I first had a very unsuccessful go at the Chinese knot and then failed miserably at the Colonial knot as well. I moved on to the Bullion knot which was a breeze compared to two knots! Then I tried the Cretan Stitch, which is the leaf shape on the left,  and it wasn't too difficult either. Much to my surprise I found out I that I did my Chain Stitch all wrong, so no more wonky Chain stitches from me from now on. My favourite of this try out session was the Jacobean Couching stitch, the two not so perfect leaf-shapes on the right. I have a soft spot for Jacobean Patterns but had not tried this stitch before.
Which stitch would you like to master? Or which stitch do you find impossible to do? Please tell me I'm not alone in my failure of mastering some of them!

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  1. Ohhh I'd love to try the Jacobean couching. There's a Crewel Embroidery book at my new library that is singing to me!

  2. Don't worry, Nicole! I have (repeatedly) studied so many diagrams of that Chinese knot that it isn't funny! Oh the mysteries of that one! I will send you mail with some instructive links. You have to just make sure that the working thread is always beneath the emerging thread. I can finally do it a bit better, but I marvel that they did those rows and rows of it in the silk!
    Colonial knot took me awhile also, but I am afraid to say much, since I am right-handed :) and it would be wrong for you! All I will say is that I find it helpful to "scoop" into the first wrap of the figure 8.


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