Thursday, April 8

Bear in Ink

Last week I bought a new sketchbook in a neat Art supply shop in my hometown and I couldn't resist to also buy a pen and some ink. I had not drawn with ink before and I will have to practice more but so far I'm loving it! Often I use 'the usual suspects' like this giant bear from my repertoire to try out new things. You can also spot him in the sidebar with his chatty Squirrel friend. :)

In other news: if you want to learn a bit about basics of transferring embroidery patterns to fabric check out my blog post on the Crafty Bird blog. Lately I have spotted many embroidery related tutorials in Blog land by the way! I'm especially looking forward to the virtual embroidery class hosted  by the very sweet and very talented Amy from Early Bird Special. And it's free too!


  1. Thank you for mentioning the virtual class, Nicole! I'm not trying to steal your thunder, really! I just found out about your posts on Crafty Bird yesterday. Great stuff!

  2. You can steal away all you want ;) It's all for a good cause isn't it? I actually would have loved to have that kind of (free!) basic information when I started out!


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