Friday, April 30

Queens day

The 30th of April is a national holiday in the Netherlands. We call it Koninginnedag (Queens day). There are lots of traditions and activities on this day. And the whole of the country is coloured orange, which is our national colour. While we are not doing much to celebrate the queens birthday this year, we do like to eat the traditional orange tom pouce (see above) !

P.S. I just read that Tom Pouce is the French version of the English Fairy Tale character Tom Thumb. Not sure how that relates to this yummy cake though...


  1. That looks yummy. How is it made?

  2. This one is bought at a bakery (I have never attempted to make them myself actually)but it's basically puff pastry with icing and whipped cream on top and a custardy cream in between.

  3. And it's orange! ;-D

    Looks yummy!

  4. I know, I know... I think I have to take back my comment that I do not like 'orange' so much. Afterwards I realised I even made a quilt last year with loooots of orange in it and it's actually very nice. :)


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