Tuesday, April 13

They sailed away for a year and a day...

I just re-read the Owl & Pussycat rhyme here,  and apparently after their boat trip the Owl and the Pussycat get married by a Turkey with a ring they bought from a Pig. How is that for some nonsensical poetry? Anyway  I just finished embroidering a pillowcase with these two and I thought I'd share some details with you all on stitches and colours. I didn't make any notes so I might not have ALL the details. :)

In the previous post I already mentioned I used DMC 470 for the Pea Green Boat. The Boat was stitched with a back stitch (6 strands). The Boat is decorated with a Whipped running stitch in red (DMC 321 6 strands) and white ( 4 strands of DMC 85200 ) The Lettering is in the same DMC 470 in tiny split stitches (2 strands)

The Pussycat is stitched with a back stitch (Anchor  1096 6 strands) with tiny French Knots for eyes and nose and straight stitches for it's whiskers (all DMC 310 2 strands) And a little white for it's snout (not sure what to call it) (DMC 85200 4 strands)

The Owl is mainly stitched with a Back Stitch . (DMC 801 for the darker shade of brown 6 strands and DMC 480  for the face and wing) The Face is stitched with an outline stitch. The Blue on the Owl is DMC 813 (2 strands for the eyes and I think 4 strands for it's belly) and it's beak is Anchor 1003.

The Waves are also DMC 813 & DMC 85200 (4 strands) in an outline stitch. The stars are DMC 3078. The bag of money is embroidered with a back stitched (4 strands) in DMC 801. The Pink guitar is also embroidered with a back stitch (3 strands) in DMC 603.

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  1. The ring from the pig's nose in fact. Eeeuwwww! ;-)

  2. Isn't it funny that when you are a kid these things seem to make perfect sense... but as you get older you realise they're absolutely nuts! It's not until I was singing about Humpty Dumpty and old Jack be nimble that I realised how mad I truly sounded. No wonder my little baby would just smile and giggle!

    Great little embroidery! Love it!

  3. I love it! I am a huge fan of backstitch. It looks like shiny little beads. :-) I can't wait to see what else you do!


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