Thursday, May 13

Special offer on a special pattern!

I just read on The Long Thread that it's Children's Book Week. Apparently. I think over here Children's Book Week is usually held in Autumn but it really doesn't matter because it should always be Children's Book Week shouldn't it? I think it's important that children learn that reading books is fun. And even though I don't write books (maybe someday who knows?) I have made a pattern about reading that you may know as the Alphabet Tree pattern. It's now on offer till May 16th for the very special price of 3.75$ (instead of 5$)! Go get yours in the Follow the White Bunny Shoppe!

Just this afternoon I picked up a new book for myself in the bookshop. I would have almost bought it for the title alone. It's called  Plato and a Platypus walk into a bar: and it explains basic philosophical stuff through jokes. So far it's highly enjoyable!


  1. I love the colors you chose! Adorable!

  2. Our Children's Book Week is usually in August. I used to have to make enormous displays for it when I worked in a public library.
    My little alphabet girl is still going very slowly. I'm a bit stuck at the bird. Leaving the letters for last. :-)

  3. hey!

    this is such a gorgeous pattern. is there any way i could purchase it??


  4. Thank you Neelu! I have just re-opened my Etsy shop and it's available there:


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