Friday, June 18

Random things I like right now...

All bunnies like their greens of course, so lately I have been eating this simple Chicory salad a lot for lunch (3 times this week actually). I'm not sure if chicory is widely available (or as cheap) as it is over here. It's a nice crispy alternative to lettuce and you can keep it fresh in the fridge for quite a long time. I add tuna (ecological dolphin friendly of course), a hard boiled egg (or 2, it has vitamine D of which I need a bit more of), cherry tomatoes and a mayonais/mustard/vinegar/honey dressing.

Happy Mail! If the little birdie on the envelope says so, it must be true. The very talented and sweet Cathy stitched this for me for the swap I'm participating in. I also thought the stamps were pretty awesome and would make great little embroidery patterns!

Wishing you all some tasty lunches this weekend and maybe there will be some happy mail for you too! x


  1. Okay I'm having some serious jealousy issues over the embroidery you got from the swap. And the stamps are absolutely stunning. Need me some of those too!

  2. your blog is
    stitched & stamped
    with such sweetness
    & it's been so very
    lovely to visit.x


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