Wednesday, August 11

Attempt at pincushion

This super cute bunny fabric has been in my stash for ages. I used some of it today to make a fabric wall art piece for Luna's room. I've bought this Ikea frame but the fabric composition I made is not yet fastened to it, so I can't show it now but will do soon of course.

I actually have never made a proper pincushion. Having received several wonderful pincushions in swaps over the last couple of years there wasn't really a need to make one. But I thought this fabric would be so wonderful as a pincushion that I decided to try this simple tutorial. Mine didn't turn out quite as lovely as the one in the tutorial. I'm not sure if you can tell from the photo but it's rather LARGE and hasn't got the plumpness (if that is a word) I was hoping for. So more stuffing next time and a smaller diameter and I should be fine. :)

One of my favourite pincushion patterns of all time are Heather Bailey's Fresh-Picked Pincushions.  Georgia made me (a perfectly sewn!) Apple Pincushion last year and it's absolutely wonderful. If you feel like making a pincushion too, or maybe try a new pincushion pattern: via the nice people of I found a great list of over 60 free pincushion patterns and tutorials.


  1. That was the first pincushion pattern I ever made too! I made one for my sister, one for Mum, and one for myself - and it's still the pincushion that I use the most often. I used a cd as a template and the size was pretty good. Use lots of stuffing and pull your embroidery floss nice and tight if you want that pumpkin-sih look.
    I *love* your bunny fabric - I'm looking forward to seeing Luna's new artwork!

  2. Wow I think it turned out pretty well!

  3. oh that bunny fabric is too super duper cute! you have a great fabric stash!


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