Sunday, September 26

Even more fur stitching and confessions of a rubbish quilter...

...would be an apt name for this blog. If I wanted to rename it. Which I'm not planning to do actually. ;) The fill stitching on the Bear's fur is in that 'this looks awful should I quit or continue stage'.  I decided to just finish it and if I still don't like it I will try something else. Moving on to the quilt...

First I had planned to make a diagonal lay out with these 5 inch squares. It actually looked very nice when I had laid it all out on the floor. However a diagonal lay out leaves triangles on the sides and I made some miscalculations which left me with not enough fabric to follow through with my original plan. : /  What you see on the photo is Plan B. Or rather the part of Plan B that I have now finished. Anyway, I do think the Hope Valley fabrics look very nice with a touch of Momo Wonderland and some tiny accents of Cloud9 fabrics. I have now moved my sewing machine to a (round!) corner of the bedroom near to my ironing board on the same floor which saves me a lot of walking up and down the stairs. :)


  1. Your bear is coming along nicely :).

    Very pretty quilt. I especially love the bottom row, middle square fabric (which is elsewhere in the quilt, too). Your sewing chair coordinates with the quilt in a most lovely way!

  2. What a peaceful and pleasant colour scheme for this quilt! I love it!
    And I think the bear will be fine- you will just keep painting with your needle till he is, but I had a chuckle at your comment!
    Should he have a little more height at the top of his head? I am not sure- you will know.

  3. A fine name for a blog I think! ;-)
    Keep going with the bear, I'm sure he will turn out to be just fine in the end. I often regret stitching things the way I do until I am finished and it was okay afterall.
    LOVE the quilt! You're so good at combining different fabrics. :-)

  4. I love your bear and your quilt is looking wonderful!


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