Wednesday, September 15

To fill...

or not to fill? I have a hard time doing embroideries with just outline stitches. There's always at least one little detail I have to fill or an whole animal as was the case with the Doe on the photo. It's  an old pic of my Cherry Blossom Doe Pillow case I stitched last year. To fill, I used a very wonky going-in-all-directions-back stitch then. Fill stitching takes time but I think it often makes the embroidery more interesting.

Castle Peeps Royal Sampler Alphabet  in Back and Satin Stitches   

I have a little repertoire of fill stitches that I use, depending on the subject and how large the area is that needs to be filled. Besides the wonky back stitch fill, I like to use the Satin Stitch for small areas (that are not too narrow). I also like to use the Brick Stitch. It's not very well known but very handy so I might do a little 'how to' on that soon. And the Long Short Stitch is another favourite all though I often mess that one up. I haven't tried fill stitching with the French Knot yet. Somehow that only seems appropriate to fill stitch a sheep. Or a cute hibernating bear maybe?

Hibernating Bear embroidered by Georgia Mc Donald

So I'd like to know what is your favourite fill stitch (if any)? Next time I'd love to share some of my favourite 'semi' fill stitches!

P.S.  Thanks so much for all the attention and nice comments for my Lazy Daisy Peacock Feather Stitch and my Bear and Squirrel Drawing. I appreciate it immensely!


  1. I love french knot. On my blog I recently posted some photos of a project of floers with this stitch.
    Do you Know Little dear tracks? In this blog there are some wonderfull embrodery (and books)that I thnik near to your heart:

  2. Sometimes I use a chain stitch to fill - just going around the outside lines in circles until it's done!

  3. @Pepe I love French Knots too. And yes I do know Little Dear. I once stitched one of her patterns called 'Ghostbirds'. :)
    @Vicki And you can vary the size of chain stitches too! I recently used some very big (and very 'open') chain stitches to semi-fill a piece of an embroidery design.

  4. I almost always have to fill parts on an embroidery. Once you get used to it they seem to look a bit naked without any filling stitches! Usually I use back stitch. I regretted using French Knots for that bear not long after I had begun (only because it seemed to take so long to do!) - I'm glad I did though. :-)

  5. I guess it depends on what kind of texture I want to acheive, but I do like using satin stitch for small areas, for larger areas it's a toss up between long & short stitch and split stitches. Split stitches give such a nice texture!


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