Monday, October 11

Bullion Knot musings

A little while ago I had already tried my hand at the Bullion Knot. That went quite well but I only did a few then and  I hadn't made any since. So the first couple of Bullion Knots I tried this weekend didn't go too smoothly. I had read the info on this stitch in all four of my books and also watched this video that Ana posted in the Embroidery Stitch Gallery. She makes perfect Bullion Knots without even using a hoop! Anyway, after the first 'rusty' ones I think I got the hang of it and even began to have some fun with this stitch. I do think I need to use the so called Milliners needles though next time. They have really small/narrow eyes which makes it easier to make this stitch. I struggled with pulling the needle through on most of my knots because the eye on my needle was quite narrow but not narrow enough.

I think this stitch has lots of possibilities! I made a flower and some weird Green Kale kind of plants with it (the original example for that was a rose but I'm not very good at following examples) but it would be perfect to make a tiny snail well! Or, as the other names for this stitch suggest: caterpillars and worms! At this moment I have no fixed idea of what my sampler is going to look like but I thought I'd make at least three sections: the top will be the 'sky', the middle 'land'  (where these flowers are and a huge bunny) and the lower part 'sea'.

If you have decided to play along,  I'd love to see your Bullion Knots in the Embroidery Stitch Gallery and read your experiences with this stitch in the comments! Suggestions for new Stitch Challenge are also welcome, I'm enjoying this. :)


  1. Hello...I am always bad in bullion stitch, but I love it, and you this little emboridery is so cute that once again I want to try it,,,
    Hope you would like to visit me at

    And enjoy there Love

  2. i know nothing about these bullion knots, but yours turned out so cute i think!!


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