Friday, October 29

In which I talk a bit about a lot of different things...

I was browsing through the photos I made in the past year and stumbled upon one of the many progress photos I made of the Castle Peeps project. At the time I couldn't share this, which was really hard because I like to share about every crafty thing I do with you all, :) This sampler must have been one of the biggest embroidery projects I did and certainly the largest!. It didn't even fit my largest (10 inch) hoop. I spent quite a lot of hours embroidering this sampler. It was much fun though and I miss these peeps dearly, for they moved away to live with Lizzy House in the States. The good news however is that some of the Castle Peeps patterns will come and stay with me for a bit. In other words: soon I will have this and the other pattern, of the  'Rockin' Bard,  available in my shop!

For my Embroidery Stitch Challenge of this week (#4) I chose the Cretan Stitch. You can read how me and the Cretan Stitch got on after the weekend.

Yesterday I was featured crafter on the Fat Quarterly blog! So if you'd like to know a bit more about this crafty bunny,  do have a peek at the nice write up they did about me.

As I'm near to my 300th blog post I'm planning a fun giveaway,  so please visit soon to find out more about it! For now you must see this fun giveaway at the Feeling Stitchy blog. You can win an embroidery mystery novel called The Quick and the Thread. How awesome is that? I must read that book, the title alone kills me! Well not literally but you know what I mean. ;)

update: I could not resist and just ordered 2 copies of this book. One for me and one for a lucky winner in my upcoming giveaway!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Someday I MUST stitch up that CP pattern. I love love love it.

  2. Hi! Nicole! This morning I visited a blog that made me think of you. There is a white-rabbit tutorial!

  3. Congratulations on the interview! Your stitching looks awesome and that book title is wonderful. Hope your having a great day!

  4. Please Please Please sell your Castle Peeps and Rocking Bard patterns in your shop! They are awesome! (Any chance for a silly dragon to make an appearance?)

  5. Hi Colleen, the Bard and Alphabet Sampler are normally for sale in my shop but are temporarily on hold. They are available again from the 5th of March) if you are interested. The designs of the Peeps are by Lizzy House and I don't think she will be adding a dragon! It would be great though to have a silly dragon added to the lot. :)


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