Friday, November 19

Sorting Scraps & the Loop Stitch

Scraps of fabric to keep are by my definition:"certainly a lot smaller than a fat quarter and must be big enough to possibly cut a 2 inch square from". Anything larger than that goes with the folded fabrics in my fabric cabinet and the small bits and pieces go in a ziplock bag so my daughters can make interesting art work with them. :) I had several (smallish) baskets full of unsorted fabric scraps and I have now sorted them into 'Cool colours', 'Warm Colours' and 'I'm not sure where to put it and that includes brown and grey'. I found some really nice scraps I forgot I had like a 5 inch square Heather Ross Unicorn and some Amy Butler Belle prints too. Totally in line with my (s)crap story of today is this giveaway (and sew along) on the Pleasant Home blog and this sew along for a Technicolour  Yawn Quilt, formerly known as the Scrap Vomit quilt,  on Katy's Imagingermonkey blog. If you have any other good scrap projects let me know!

I had not forgotten about my Embroidery Stitch Challenges, really! It just has been kind of busy here on the blog with giveaways and such that I just didn't get round to posting about it. The good news is that I loved the stitch I took on last weekend. It's called the Loop Stitch and is also known as the Centipede stitch. I used a cheery Rainbow floss and as you can see messed up a bit on the first few stitches but really got the hang of it later on. Now the bad news is, is that I have given up on making my sampler look pretty or outstanding. It will just be a piece of linen with lots of different stitches on. Maybe it will eventually inspire me to make a sampler pattern who knows?

This is what I had to share this Friday. Tomorrow I will be back with the winners of the Castle Peep Patterns Giveaway (there is still time to enter!). I'm totally loving all your comments about your favourite books! If you can't wait for the results: the Castle Peeps Patterns are now also available in my shop!


  1. I love that. If you decide to make a sampler please share what one, I want to do one but not sure even how to choose one or what might be good for me. I know basic embroidery but beginning to try new stitches.
    Happy weekend.


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