Sunday, November 21

SundayStash #36 B&W fabrics

These are most of my Black and White Prints from my stash. Every now and then, but not often, I add something to the collection. I'm actually not sure if an all black and white quilt would be very nice. But  I don't like the idea of adding another colour either. If anyone has some good ideas for these or examples of Black and White projects let me know! In the mean time I will just continue building my Black and White Stash. :)


  1. I'm going to be making a black and white quilt for my son. Somewhere in the quilt I'm going to put a splash of red, but you could easily use lime, yellow or any color really.

  2. This post about a black blanket was on my Google Reader this morning: Wool fabrics instead of cotton, but similar concept =).

  3. what a gorgeous collection, Nicole...what's that everso cute grey with little white flowers?

    I think you could do absolutely anything with it...quilt, set of cushions. The fabrics are so pretty I don't think it would look harsh - and as Elsa says, a splash of one other colour would work too.

    Good luck!

  4. Thank you for your suggestions! As quite a few of these have a sewing theme I was thinking I might just make a fabric basket with them. This will probably be in 2015 due to all the projects I have yet to finish!
    @Blueberry Park I'm not completely sure but I think the grey/white flower is a 30 repro print. Will check for you and report back here (if there is a selvedge)! :)

  5. I'm working on a black and white Dear Jane... and quilting a black white and red sampler


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