Sunday, December 12

Sunday Stash #37 Scraps wonderful scraps!

Recently I did two scrap-swaps. I love scraps and receiving an envelope full of unknown scrappy goodness makes me happy! One of the envelopes, put together by Chelley (thanks!) contained the fabrics you see in the photo. I think I get more excited about this than over a well coordinated fabric bundle. Are you a scrappy person too?

p.s. thank you for all the sweet comments on my pattern in progress!
p.s. p.s. I didn't get around to make a new header yet. My scanner refused to cooperate. I made two very sweet drawings for the new header though!


  1. Yes, scraps excite me too! Is that weird?????????

  2. love scraps, there are so many things you can do with them! I'm doing an exchange with my modern quilt guild that involves scraps! the exchange is next week ... really excited!

  3. i save my scraps too :) it's nice to use a bit of special fabric here and there ;)

    i also save my selvages too!


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