Sunday, February 13

Blocks from scraps & a finished embroidery

For the last two weeks orso instead of being glued to the couch with my laptop at night  and when I'm not embroidering, I try to do a little bit of quilting. I started making these blocks from the scraps I recently received in the mail and what was in my scrap basket. This quilt is perfect for my oldest daughter. She is 10 and needs a funkier quilt on her bed than the shabby chic one I made her two years ago. I think it's amazing how well all these different fabrics and colours 'work' together. I am mainly using (hot) pink, yellow, orange and many shades of purple as well. To 'tame' the vibrant colours and mix of prints a tiny bit I have added grey dotted and white borders to the blocks. I also have revised my opinion on the colour orange. Orange is actually a great and easy colour to combine with many other colours.

I finally finished my Ophelia embroidery for the Phat Quarter Swap too. Again I'm assuming my swap partner does not visit my blog. I did a lot of the embroidering free hand, sometime I used a water soluble pen to draw some details though.

And the cords of her headphone are 'loose' threads only connected to the headphones themselves and the Ipod she holds in her hand. So it's a bit different from the embroideries I usually do but I still think she turned out rather well!

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  1. love the blocks, all my favorite colors. And the embroidery is lovely, she looks to be having a wonderful dance.

  2. I so wish I could embroider as well as you do!!

    The quilts coming together nicely too!!

  3. I agree, orange seems to be the color to go to right now! and I'm loving what your doing with the blocks!
    Ophelia is beautiful! I love your details! Very inspiring!
    hugs, margie

  4. Your Ophelia piece turned out AMAZING!! Wow. Glad you re-discovered your inspiration for this piece because it looks gorgeous. I love the white ear buds and the dangling wire. And her pose is just lovely. Shazam, it is awesome! best~Olisa

  5. Thank you all for the Block and Ophelia love! :)

  6. orange does seem to be the 'it' color now doesn't it? i look foward to seeing how these scrappy blocks come together for a new quilt!

  7. I love the colours in the quilt blocks. What great scraps you have. My daughter is needing a quilt too. I started one but only got half way through the cutting. I have to say I find all the cutting so tedious it's hard to get myself motivated. Perhaps it should be a goal of mine to finish before she turns 10 this year :)

  8. @joanie I cut as a go along. I can not stand the thought of cutting everything for one whole quilt before hand! Even though I do find cutting 2.5 inch squares from scraps therapeutic. The great scraps mainly come from other people btw. :)


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