Sunday, February 20


Today we wandered through the oldest remaining part of my hometown of Rotterdam. It's called Delfshaven (literally it means Port of Delft) and it has the typically Dutch Canal Houses. Not very typical for Rotterdam by the way, as large parts of the city, especially near the center, were bombed during the second World War. Luckily Delfshaven escaped the air raids.

This is the Pilgrim Father's Church, also located in Delfshaven. We had some yummy coffee and Apple Pie in a brewery-cafe nearby. Perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. :)


  1. Oh, how I dream of traveling to such lovely little places...

  2. I enjoyed visiting your town when my husband and I lived in Maastricht for 5 months. It's unfortunate that war bombing took its toll on your city, but I still enjoyed my visit, especially the museums and the port tour. Kathie L in Allentown

  3. It's beautiful. So completely different to here too. :-)

  4. Beautiful Nicole. I'd like to spend more time in Rotterdam, we always seem to pass through it.
    That church is gorgeous!

  5. Rotterdam is so beautiful! I didn't make it further north than Paris in last year but I would have loved to see the Netherlands. Thank you for sharing your pictures!


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