Thursday, February 10

Winner of Beetle Bug FQ Bundle!

I think the Beetle Bugs giveaway was a success! Lots of entries, some new followers to the blog *waves* and the comments were so much fun to read!

The generator did all the hard work for me and it chose Wendy as winner! Wendy said: " have to say I'm not an insect fan, though I do like butterflies (are they actually an insect??) and ladybirds. Having said that, I think snails can look cute when they're drawn - though in real life they're monsters who ate my entire garden!"   Congratulations Wendy! I will get in touch with you for your address so I can send the bundle over via... ahem...Snail mail!  :)


  1. Aaaaaaaaarggggggggghhhhhhhhhh! It's me! It's me! It's me!! But I never win anything!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  2. Big hug to Wendy. I can feel the happiness. Thanks Nicole.


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