Thursday, March 17

Buy a Cherry Blossom Doe Pattern for Japan!

Cherry blossom doe a bit closer

Remember this pattern? I have been meaning to make a new version of the Cherry Blossom Doe Pattern for a year now but haven't come round to it yet. I am now re introducing the pattern in the shop for the next couple of days to try and raise some money to help survivors of the Earthquake in Japan. If you fancy a copy of this pattern and want to help please visit the shop and buy the Cherry Blossom Doe pattern this weekend! Amy from Magpie patterns has started a fund raising page here, and I will donate the proceeds there. Thanks in advance!


  1. This is a beautiful pattern! I'm ready to purchase NOW!

  2. I saw it on Facebook yesterday and bought it ... thanks so much for bring back an old pattern, love it and looking forward to making it up.

  3. Thanks ladies. So far the sales are going really well. Yay!


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