Thursday, March 31

Fishbone Stitch

Sorry for the lack of embroidery posts lately! I have been busy doing a fun but secret-for-now project which I obviously can't share and I just didn't have time (or energy) to work on the embroidery projects I had been working on before.

There was a tiny bit of progress though. Here's a little detail of the Wolpentinger embroidery. I thought the Fishbone Stitch would be perfect for Wolpentinger's feathers. I got the idea when I saw this embroidery by Annet. I did a little try out using only one thread but that looked too delicate on this chubby Bavarian rodent, so I settled for two threads in a nice 'golden' shade. I had to look up the Fishbone Stitch in my Embroidery Stitch Dictionaries and found it in three of the books. My Fishbone stitch  is clearly not perfect but it will do for the moment.

I'm also working on a second pattern by the way and for a change I won't show or tell before it's completely done. Something which I find extremely difficult to do!


  1. I feel like I'm in on some sort of conspiracy with you right now since I'm part of the secret too! Isn't fun and kinda annoying at the same time to have secret projects you can't share?!

  2. Absolutely! And by the time I can share I'm already on to new things! Very excited about this one though :)

  3. I love fishbone stitching! I'm sure you have inspired many stitchers to go and give it a try. Can't wait to hear about your secret project :)


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