Monday, March 28

London adventures

Carrot Orange Juice at Leon's
I'm totally exhausted after my three day visit to London with my best friend Caroline, but I had so much fun!  We arrived really early Friday morning and after eating some breakfast in Covent Garden we spent most of the day shopping. In our case that meant mainly looking at things and not exactly buying a lot of stuff. On the second day we planned to go to one of Europe's largest bookstores (Waterstones on Picadilly Circus) and we were quite surprised to find Picadilly Circus and the surrounding streets very much deserted except for lots of police officers.

Being the curious little bunny that I am, I asked a police officer what was happening. Apparently there was a large protest March planned later that morning. As we were more in a book buying than a protesting mood we moved along to have a look around in the bookstore. Lots of choice but I finally settled on this little stack of books:

After a stop at Leon's (a sort of healthy eco-everything-friendly fastfood chain which I can recommend to anyone visiting London, a good tip from my fellow Feeling Stitchy blogger Jo) we visited the Tate Gallery. A visit I thought was a little disappointing. Tate Gallery was located quite far away from the nearest Tube Station and due to all kinds of construction and building activities the entrance was hard to find. I had hoped to see some iconic pieces in the museum too but that didn't really happen either.

Me at Holborn Tube Station hanging out with some Egyptian Peeps of approx. my age
Our visit to the Victoria and Albert museum the next day however was great. The part of the museum I wanted to visit the most, the textiles, was closed but there was much other awesome stuff to see. And we also had a wonderful lunch there. At the museum shop I picked up some pretty reproduction fabric and a cute tea towel.

Repro Sea weed fabric from the V & A
Cute Arts & Crafts Tea towel
I would have loved to visit the Natural History Museum too but sadly we didn't have the time. We were pleasantly surprised that entry to all these museums was free as well.

I will be back again later today, to announce the winners of the Alphabet Glue E-zine!


  1. Ooh I'm glad you got to go to Leon and the V&A. I used to have some of the sea weed fabric but I used it all up to make a bag. It was one of my favourite fabrics of the selection, although my most favourite fabric, seed head, I ended up buying an extra 2m of it and I plan on making a dress now!

    Shame about the Tate, their current exhibition in the Turbine Hall isn't very good unfortunately. Nice selection of books though, I've read Solar and I'm currently reading Toast!

  2. I'm *so* jealous! I've onlye ever spent a week in London, but I loved it!

  3. Oh, it sounds wonderful! London is such a great city and being there with a friend must have been fun. No one - read husband - standing outside the shops...waiting for the women to finish. ;)

    I used to live in London when I was younger. And eventhough I was there for a long time, I still didn't get to see all that I wanted to. So many great museums in that city.

    Soon I will go back - again, again - with Emil, my son. I have promised him to see where I used to live...and of course a whole lot of great skateboard places and shops. :))

  4. I can tell you what is happening to the textile collection at the V&A because I was disappointed to find it closed a few weeks back.

    It is relocating to a beautiful building behind the Olympia exhibition centre in west London. It will be a Clothworkers centre with more conservation and teaching being carried out.

    Sadly it will not be open until mid 2013.



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