Friday, April 15

Spring bunny


The best thing about making patterns is when you see them stitched, preferably by others, and turned into beautiful embroideries. I think Lisa's version of my Spring Bunny Pattern is absolutely adorable! As you all probably know I'm a big fan of fill and fur stitching and this bunny has it all. I have different plans for my bunny though. He's already transferred to a pillowcase and I'm thinking of embroidering him in one single colour. :)  Having said that, I have many projects on the go right now, so I'm not sure if my Spring Bunny will actually be finished this spring!


  1. Well look, my bunny hopped over here. :) Thanks again for the pattern!

  2. Lisa certainly is a wonderful stitcher. And you are a wonderful pattern maker - a brilliant combination. Very pretty!

  3. Es muy bonito tu conejo, excelente lunes.


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