Sunday, May 29

And the Alice Rabbit Pattern goes to...

Thanks to all the lovely stitchers who entered my mini-giveaway! There were 19 entries here and 1 on Facebook (because some people can't comment on blogs due to problems with Blogger), I decided to award an extra pattern to Ligia (who commented on Facebook) because she added a whole song to her comment (this tactic only works once peeps...) The other 19 were thrown into the hat called and surprisingly it chose entry number 1, Alejandra, as winner! Please contact me both at followthewhitebunny [at] e-tropolis dot nl  so I can send the Rabbit your way!


  1. Congrats to the winners! thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Yay!! Congrats to both the winners!!! You're a sweetheart Nicole!

  3. Congrats for Alejandera!
    Thanks for the give away!

  4. woo hoooo!!!!!! Thank you so much Nicole!
    my e-mail:


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