Friday, June 17

Nite Bugs & a book delivery

I just had to have this book by Edward Gorey after I made the embroidery based on the cover illustration of the Doubtful Guest. It's just a small book but very much worth checking out if you haven't read or seen it yet. The story and the illustrations are very touching. I assume it's a kids book but I'm sure some adults (like me) can relate to this odd creature as well. And if not then you can just admire the drawings. I'm going to do another embroidery from this book for myself. :) I may use my very special Cosmo Floss for that! I ordered it at Hip Fabric. It feels amazingly soft and I can't wait to try it out!

As I'm not really all that mobile yet I have done some stitching and stuff while lying on the couch for the second Beetle Bug Design. Here's a little sneak peek:

The Nite-nite Bugs are embroidered on a pillowcase (how appropriate!). Still one of my favourite things to embroider on! 


  1. I love Edward Gorey but hadn't heard of that particular book. AND I love embroidery and hadn't heard of that floss. I'm so happy you blogged about both of these :D !!

  2. Oh I'm glad to hear that! I bought my copy (new) on for only a couple of GBP's!

  3. The Doubtful Guest embroidery arrived!!! Well, he arrived on Tuesday, but I was out of town until LATE Thursday, so I only just now got to open my pressie!

    I LOVE HIM! He's even more wonderful when you can see (and carefully touch) the stitches in person. We're calling him the Welcome Guest now. :)

    Thanks again, ever so much!

  4. Oh wonderful! I was beginning to get a bit worried about him arriving safely at your house. Be prepared to find him in your soup terrine soon! ;)

  5. he looks sweet. I've never heard of this book. I love the peak of the embroidery you are working on.

  6. I really need to find an Edward Gorey book...maybe this one? Your embroidery of the Doubtful Guest just blew me away!! I hope you are mending comfortably and quickly!


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