Sunday, June 5

Some progress on the Tiny Circus Rabbit

After finishing my Phat Quarter swap embroidery piece (which I will share with you once my partner has received it) I thought I'd do a little more work on the Tiny Circus Rabbit. Tiny because the whole embroidery fits in a 3 inch hoop. I'm quite pleased with how the sky and clouds turned out. I'm using lots of colours from my box with odd Anchor floss colours.  They are perfect for this embroidery. I tried to scan the embroidery because somehow photos don't do the embroidery justice. And neither do scanned images of it actually. In real life it looks far more subtle and smooth!

I'm also working on the second Beetle Bug design and Saffron and I are hoping to have the Beetle Bug patterns available for you in a couple of weeks time. Read Saffron's account of our cooperation here! Saffron also has an awesome new fabric line called Imaginary Flowers.


  1. This is such a lovely design...I love the colours too....
    Susan x

  2. That looks a-maaazing Nicole! The sky is very Van Gogh. :-)

  3. Fabulous! I love his top hot and smart red jacket.


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