Sunday, July 10

Organic Embroidery

As you may know I regularly post on the Feeling Stitchy blog. My focus is mainly on 'amazing stitches' although I also post about any embroidered piece I come across and like. Last Friday I posted about an especially interesting embroidery by Valerie Roybal. (read the post here)  I thought the organic shapes, or indeed the organic 'free style' in which her embroidery seems to have been made, were very inspiring. My little try out doesn't look anything like Valerie's piece. Not nearly as organic and more flowery. More fiddly too...but I did find out how lovely (almost liberating!) it is to stitch without a pattern! So if you feel like doing some 'Organic Embroidery' too, I'd be interested in seeing your embroideries! If you tag your photos #organicembroidery when you post them in the Embroidery group on Flickr I'll be able to find them more easily!

p.s. this Organic Embroidery made me think about Organic Embroidery Floss. A whole different subject altogether which I will address on another occasion!


  1. Sounds, and looks very relaxing and worth trying...

  2. Reminds me of footprints in the sand - which in turn reminds me of a Jesus 'story' about carrying (if you know the one I mean)

    therefore peaceful

  3. WOW, awesome idea and fantastic execution. I'm loving the layers of color and stitched. Uber cool!

  4. I so admire the rich vibrancy of your color schemes. I am very inspired right now!


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