Saturday, August 6

Out and About

Pre war Toy Drapery Store

Yesterday we returned from Wales where we had a wonderful time: fairly good weather, good food and we made lots of fun trips to castles, museums and other local attractions. The cottage we had rented was great as well. It was clean, well stocked and it had lots and lots of quilts!

On our visit to Bletchley Park (which is nowhere near Wales but we stopped by on our way to Wales) I saw this wonderfully cute 'Playtime Drapery Store' which I guess is from the 1930's. I also stumbled upon a Manbroiderer avant-la-lettre.

Not my bedroom

This is one of the bedrooms in the cottage we had rented. Every bedroom had matching bed quilts and quilted wall hangings! Later this week I will write a bit more about some crafty stuff I did (and mostly didn't) in the last couple of weeks but I had to sneak in this next 'me and my owl' photo in this post!

We absolutely loved the Owl Centre in Kington (Herefordshire). They had so many different examples of British (and other) owls. There were lots of other animals too like goats and alpacas. The best thing (for me) was that you were allowed to say hello to a few of the most friendly owls in the centre! (or a 'nose to beak experience' as the centre calls it)


  1. ooh that guest house bedroom looks wonderful!

    and you went to Bletchley too! Are you going to enter the Bletchley Quilt competition?? I posted about it 30th July ...

    those owls are to die for too! My middle name is Athene, so I have a quiet love for em ...

  2. The owls.....such beautiful happy you had such a lovely trip!! And the playtime drapery store...can you imagine...I've never seen anything like it before!

  3. @Sarah I wasn't even aware there was a Bletchley Quilting competition! A 'coded' quilt would be awesome though so I must remember to check out those entries as soon as they are online! My husband wanted to visit Bletchley Park because of all the code/decoder stuff there.
    @Miss Holly oh the owls were so adorable! I can imagine people are tempted to keep them as a pet (which ISN'T a good idea btw!)

  4. That wall hanging is astonishingly gorgeous! Would you mind emailing me with a link to the pace you stayed?

    Thanks so much!

  5. @Ruth just sent you an email! And if anyone else is interested: I think it was one of the best cottages we ever stayed in.

  6. Awesome! I came nose to beak with an owl in Ireland this year too. Can't wait to hear more about the trip.

  7. Fun! That's my ideal kind of holiday...a pity it's on the other side of the world. :-/ The cottage looks gorgeous. It looks like you could almost have slipped that little owl into your pocket and taken him home. :-)


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