Thursday, August 25


I call this obstruction of a Scrap Vomit Block Sewing Session. Rolling around on a couple of blocks is still o.k. It could mean 'Hey! I really like that you are continuing work on this Scrap Vomit quilt for the first time in two months'....

 ..but seriously: who can sew properly with a cat on their lap?! I can't! And I've got a very wonky Scrap Vomit block to proof it. Tijger has been with us for two weeks now. Most of the time she is really sweet but she is still a bit scared and 'defends' herself sometimes by biting. And when she is in a crazy mood she attacks our feet. Mmmmm...

I have some really nice shelves since last weekend in my little sewing corner by the way. I call them 'inspiration shelves' but they are really dumping grounds for bits and bobs, postcards, quilt rulers, drawings, patterns and prints waiting to be framed etc. My husband also put some 'pods' on the wall for my scissors and pencils. Both shelves and pods are from Ikea.

The 'interesting' black blob on the photo is part of a project I am working on for the Fat Quarterly Design Challenge which I promised not to show yet. I will write a little bit more about the challenge next week! (edit: just to be clear, the blob isn't part of the project, what's behind it is part of the project..)

Bits and bobs..

O.k.... now if you haven't already: please leave a comment on my Giveaway post! You don't have to follow me, you don't even have to like me, simply leave a comment to enter!  (edit: sorry, giveaway has ended!)


  1. um... I should tell you that my Buster cat bit us from birth, and still does (over two years later). He attacks my feet when I'm working from home, and he actually hides so he can attack the back of my legs as I walk past a doorway. We usually have an altercation about once every two weeks or so here... I hope Tiger grows out of it...

  2. Tiiger! She looks quite lovely in your wonderful work space. Making me want a cat!

  3. Tijger is so pretty! Cute, too. Seems like she's doing rather well. Two weeks isn't a very long time, and who knows how life was before she came to you. I'm so glad she did.

  4. Tijger has taste. I can see she's going to fit in just fine ;)

  5. Tijer - that is the *only* kind of vomit to roll in! ;-)

  6. Ooh, and I like your shelves and pods a lot! I've never seen the pods before - very nice. I spy an old polka dotted friend on the shelves too. :-)


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