Tuesday, September 6

Half a monkey and a Badger with a Skunk's tail...

I'm making a little something for my friend Katy (of I'm a Ginger Monkey blog and Fat Quarterly fame). She has a new(ish) sewing studio and I offered to make an embroidery for her rather empty studio walls...a couple of months ago... Yes, I'm much too late with sending and it's still far from finished but I hope the cuteness of this Ginger Monkey with his Thimble hat makes up for the late arrival.

In the meantime I'm also still working on my Badger pattern. And with working on my pattern I actually mean I have been unpicking a lot of my Badger Embroidery. First I removed his tail. Somehow I had my badgers and skunks mixed up (I often draw from memory, without an example) when I made the initial pattern drawing and gave my Badger a Skunk's tail. It had to go obviously... After that I unpicked his coat (it didn't fit very well) and drew a new coat in a smaller size.

Oh before I forget... I have a 20% off all patterns Sale going on in both my Follow the White Bunny shop and my Etsy shop. It ends this Friday and you need to use the coupon code BUNNYSEPTEMBERSALE on check out to receive the discount.


  1. Your badger will be very grateful, I'm sure, as he will be wearing that coat for a very long time. :)

  2. Lucky girl!! It looks great:) I am working on your "My bed is a boat" pattern right now!! LOVE your work!

  3. Great Blog.Makes me want to take up embroidery again.Your friend Katy will love the ginger monkey you are very clever.Love it.


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