Tuesday, October 11

...in a Pear Tree

So...here is a little sneak peek of something I'm embroidering to go with Thomas Knauer's adorable line of fabric called 'Pear Tree'.

One of the fabrics from Pear Tree
As we both love fonts, typography and all that, we had to sneak in some (well a bit more than 'some') lettering in this collaborative project. I have chosen some fairly textural stitches for the lettering and I'm particularly pleased with how the (split) stitching on the swirly bit turned out!

In the meantime I'm also working on another fun project which I know some of you will enjoy! Oh and I'm trying to feed the family too sometimes...So if progress on the pattern ideas I was working on (Badger, Owl Pillow) earlier is a little slow, bear with me. :)

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  1. It looks beautiful Nicole! Can't wait to see it done. :D


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